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Do you wanna to know how to start Bitcoin Mining ?

You need to have a bitcoin miner machine
a bitcoin miner machine , can get reward from solve the bitcoin puzzle and transaction confirmation.

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Bitcoin Miner Machines

Bitcoin Mining Machine is available in different models

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Free Test 100GH/S

hash rate: 100 GH

power: 0 w


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750 GH/S BTC Miner

hash rate: 750 GH

power: 100 w

price: $15

Profit Calculator
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5TH Cloud Mining

hash rate: 5 TH

power: 500 w

price: $87

Profit Calculator
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18TH Cloud Mining

hash rate: 18 TH

power: 900 w

price: $294

Profit Calculator
Bitcoin mining needs powerful infrastructure

We can help you with the following:

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Mining Panel

We provide a powerful panel for keeping track of mining.

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Device Hosting

We can host your devices at the standard farms with the low electricity cost

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Physical Device

You can buy a physical device directly from us

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Simple Simple Simple

How It Work?


Create a Mining User Panel. All records of mining, deposit, withdrawal, inventory and orders are available from this panel.

Buy A Device

To begin, you need to buy a mining machine. The device can be sent to your home or you can host the device in our Bitcoin Mining farms.


Start Mining and earn bitcoin hourly

What is different if your devices host in our Bitcoin farms?

Our Features

Save Shipping Cost

No Shipping Cost Required if your bitcoin miners host in our cloud storage

Cheap Electricity Cost

We have access to very cheap electricity. The average US electricity cost is $ 0.12. The cost of electricity in our farm is $ 0.01. This means 12 times saving.

Save on cooling costs

In our bitcoin farm, cooling costs have already been done.

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Guaranteed device performance

Physical devices have a warranty of up to 6 months. But if you host the machine in our farms, we can guarantee the operating time of the device for up to 18 months.

Tracking income

All revenues, deposits, and withdrawals are live and observable.

Very high security

On our bitcoin farm, we use security equipment to protect the devices against theft. Electrical protection equipment is in order to prevent the device from fluctuating. By activating the two-step login, you can secure the panel against hacker intruders.

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Be our partner

15% commission from each sale

If your friends are planning to invest in the bitcoin mining, you can help them. Just tell us your friends and get 15% from each purchase.

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Cooperation with us is very simple and transparent

  • Only requies 1 permission for “Internet access”
  • & Share your invition link to Earn Up To 15% of each purchase
  • Commissions are immediately collected after purchase. You can also view the number of subscribers and their purchases.

Copy Your Link

Login to your dashboard , visit referral page , copy your referral link


Share your link

You can share your referral link to forum topics, websites, social networks, friends.



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